Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cutting it close!

Yikes!  How can it be Nov. 7th already?  I just found out that I have 10 hours left to post my Nov. project for my Lovely Year of Finishes project!  Which is okay in some ways...
I have several little half-completed projects - some will be Christmas gifts, some are things that just NEED to be finished....  I'm not really sure which category my Nov. project falls into - this may end up being a gift, just in case I need something for an unexpected guest, or I may keep it for myself - we'll see.
I started this tote bag a few months ago, hoping to have it finished for our annual school bazaar, but life got too crazy, and it was put aside.  Now seems like a good time to finish it - especially because I need a quick project for November.  We usually open our Christmas gifts earlier in December - our kids are spread out in different directions, and they all have jobs that require 7-day-a-week shifts, so picking a date earlier in the month almost guarantees that we'll all be able to be here before the hectic-ness of December really sets in.  This year, the kids informed us that they'll all be home on Dec. 9th and 10th, so we'll open our gifts then.  We also chose the name of a family member to make a gift for this year like we did last year, and I'm VERY quickly running out of time to work on that gift (and I have one of the males in the family, so this tote bag will definitely NOT do!).  So, here's the picture of my bag-to-be:
The bright piece on the right is the body of the bag; the lining is in the center, and the interfacing is on the left side.  I have the squares pieced for the handles somewhere, but I can't locate them at the moment - and I'll probably put some batting in them to make it easier to carry full of groceries or other items.  The bag will have square bottom corners, so it won't be quite as long as it looks.  
I'll also have a pic of the completed wedding quilt up by Sunday - I'm still working on the quilting, and then the binding will have to be attached, but the end is in sight!  Now I just need to find wedding gift wrap somewhere...

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