Saturday, May 31, 2014

...and May's projects are done!

I'm finally on a roll!  Didn't get my January ALYoF project completed, and cut it kind of close in Feb. and Mar., but this month, my quilt was finished a day ahead of time!  It felt so good - and I just may try for that feeling again next month!
I was hoping to do the quilting and binding on my charm pack Twister quilt - and it's done - not without some drama, but done!  I had the quilting finished a few days ago, but I couldn't find the binding fabric ANYWHERE!  You may recall that my quilt room was relocated in January - well, most of it got moved; some of it ended up in the living room, and, seeing as that room is more of a catch-all space than a room that is used to entertain, it really doesn't matter if there are 5 or 6 large boxes dumped there.  I was pretty sure that I'd seen the fabric in there a week or so ago, so that was my first place to check, but to no avail.  Guess what - it had actually made the trip down to the sewing room! but something else got set on top of it, and it was almost invisible.  (I don't know about your sewing space, but mine looks like those "magazine" rooms only when I'm planning to take a picture in there).
Long story short - I finally found the fabric, cut my strips, sewed them on, and wore out my middle finger after repeatedly using it to advance my needle when hand-stitching the binding down in the back - but it's DONE!
The binding is the same brown fabric as in the center section - I thought it needed a dark "frame" after those pale colours in the borders.  Will I do another Twister quilt?  The answer is YES!  Cutting all the blocks is time-consuming, but I love the effect of the blocks!
I also have another May finish - it's the last day for the colour green over on soscrappy - and I have my Technicolor Braid strips to show - here they are: 
My green fabrics are very diverse - and I still have a lot of green scraps that haven't been touched.  June's colour is yellow - should be fun!


  1. Great progress in May. Glad you found your fabric. Sewing rooms can get a bit bogged down in stuff, but most things turn up eventually.

  2. We have a saying when looking for things in our house "When all else fails, look under something" Sounds simple, except there are so many piles of things to looks under. LOL! I love the way you are using the colours in your braids.

  3. well done on achieving your goal! The quilt looks great