Thursday, August 13, 2015

A change of pace...

I mentioned that I'd try to post update pics of my quilt-in-progress, and I'm still hoping to do that (soon!), but I wanted to share this before I forgot.  A young couple in our church is expecting their first baby, and we held a baby shower for her earlier this evening.  I made a few gifts for them, mostly based on the gifts that my daughter got a lot of use from when she had her baby.  They "know" that the baby is a girl, so I used some pink, but also made some unisex gifts in case they have a boy down the road.
First off is a receiving blanket, made from the Missouri Star Quilt Company directions.  I then found a tutorial online for some very practical baby bibs (I made two), and finally made a "taggie" toy - it's made of 2 layers of fabric, with a "noisy" layer in between, and has numerous loops of ribbon extending from the edges.  Babies love to play with the ribbons, and the crinkly inner lining creates a noise that seems to fascinate them!
Of course, I took a picture of the goodies - and here it is for you to see:
Jen seemed pretty happy with the gift - and I hope her baby will someday be as well!

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