Wednesday, October 7, 2015

October's Challenge Project

This year is slipping away so quickly!  There are only 3 months left, and SO many projects needing to be completed.  The worst part is choosing just one (who am I kidding?  I sometimes don't even have time to finish one fairly simple project..!).
Unfortunately, this month's project is coming as a result of a few recent tragedies - namely fires that have devastated a number of families.  A family member lost almost everything in his apartment when the townhouse complex he lived in went up in flames a week ago; one day later, a family just outside of town lost their century home, and even worse, their 10 year-old son.  The call has gone out for replacement items - everything from clothes, to bedding, to kitchen supplies and anything else you can think of.
I know that a lot of store-bought blankets are just as warm as quilts, but a quilt says "I care about you" in a way that a blanket doesn't.  I know that a quilt isn't going to bring back that young boy, but hopefully, knowing that our town and surrounding area is there to support that family will bring a bit of comfort.
So, my goal for October is to finish at least one of the two "Plus" quilts that I've recently pieced.  I know that we're supposed to choose ONE project, but when there's so much need, I'm going to aim high.  If I manage to get this quilt completely finished, I'll start on the second one - hopefully, I'll get both done (that way, both surviving brothers can get their own quilt).
Here's top #1:

and quilt #2: 

We Canadians will be celebrating Thanksgiving next Monday - and my family and I have SO much to be thankful for!  Being able to help someone that's gone through incredible challenges is just a small way to express my thanks to God for everything that He's blessed me with.
And now I'm off to link up to Melissa's A Lovely Year of Finishes post.

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  1. Hi Jannette! Its been way too long not being in contact with you! I went to my blog to retrieve something and decided to go down my dashboard list and so happy you are here!
    I lost contact with the Quitling group..never could get it on FB either. Your story is touching and sad..but what a wonderful task you have taken upon you always are so generous and thoughtful. I look upon my CANCER quilt daily and reminded of you and your labours. I just finished two youngest daughter if you recall is a police dispatcher and she married a policeman so made one for each of them. Features their support line..her's gold his is the thin blue line. It was a good challenge for me..and very rewarding.
    I look forward to visiting you here again.
    GOD BLESS you dear friend.