Friday, April 15, 2011

Birthday cards - part 2

After a really crazy few days, I finally had time to sit down at the sewing machine this evening - or so I thought. Today (Fri. Apr. 15th) is Friday Night Sew-in, and I was getting ready to start my project, when I realized that tomorrow is the birthday of a very special friend - and I had no card for her! That would never do (she knows that I make cards, so a quick trip to the store wouldn't do...) - so I grabbed my cheat sheet - a print-out of cards that I've found on the 'net; cards that fit my style of card-making (I occassionally add in a few that will stretch me a bit, too). Forty-five minutes later, I had 4 cards - only one is going to be just right for tomorrow - so the rest will go into my file.
I'm not really happy with the 2 on the left - the circle / oval is too bare, and the whole card just doesn't flow the way the original did, but they'll work for someone (and I'll try to fix the bare spots...and add bodies for the butterflies!). I'm not sure that the bottom right corner card will work for my friend - it seems a bit "manly", so she'll get the top right side one. I bought a Xyron a few months ago - I've had problems "gluing" tiny bits onto cards, especially when I'm using individual letters, so that's why I bought the Xyron. It's been sitting in it's box ever since, but I got to try it out for the ribbon - and I'm quite pleased with the end result!
Check back here tomorrow for the results of my FNSI - I started a new project, and I'm excited about it!

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  1. Love your cards! I saw once on a blog where someone put straight pins as butterfly antennae, they were the ones with coloured beads on the top, and then a row of pearls or gemstones through the middle of the body. Looked pretty. Both items you can get at $rama.
    I'm sure your special friend will love any one of these special cards, made from the heart.