Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More Layer Cake quilt-along blocks

Somewhere along the line, I got a bit derailed and then completely behind and mixed up.... I'm finally starting to get caught up again, and sewing/quilting is a little higher on the priority list. Last night, I spent a bit of time cutting block parts, and tonight I got 2 more LC quilt-along blocks put together. I have the last one cut, but ran out of time to get it stitched tonight yet - but, tomorrow's another day!
I've enjoyed the process of making these blocks - the problem is that you have to decide on your layer cake long before you know what any of the blocks are going to look like. You're really at the mercy of the block designer, and your layer cake. Most of the fabrics in my layer cake were very "busy" - lots of design, lots of colours - and that made for a few blocks that I'm not really thrilled with. The way to get around that is to wait until all of the blocks are posted, and then, very carefully, choose your fabrics. I've done that before, but this time I wanted to be at the same stage as everyone else - and you're only eligible for prizes if you stay with the group. Oh, didn't I mention that there were prizes? Sorry! Not that it really mattered in the end - I didn't win anything.....
At any rate, here are the pics of the last few blocks I've finished:

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  1. Busy, busy Jannette as always! You always have the neatest block designs!