Sunday, April 6, 2014

Lovely Year of Finishes April project

I have a problem.  No, seriously, I have a PROBLEM.  I love making quilt tops!  It's so fun to watch all those random bits of fabric come together, one bit at a time - and then, suddenly, you have a completed quilt!  Well, a quilt top that is.  It's not really a quilt until you have the backing and batting and quilting stitches in it, and the binding sewn down front and back... and that's where my problem lies.  I LOVE making the tops - they're pretty, and fun to watch as they come together - but the backing and batting just don't give me the "rush" that I get from completing a top.  So, I end up with a pile of tops, and there they sit, until I have a deadline to finish one of them.  I got a new sewing machine a few years ago that makes quilting them much easier, but even that hasn't made much of a dent in my pile of tops.  So, you probably know where I'm going, right?  I'm going to post a pic of one of those tops, and tell you about getting it quilted by month's end - but you'd be wrong!  I don't have that kind of motivation today....
So, what am I going to do this month?  I'm going to finish the blocks that I need for my disappearing pinwheel quilt.  I bought 2 packages of fat quarters a few years ago, hoping to make a Swoon quilt with them, but when I pre-washed them, most of them were just shy of being the right size to get a Swoon block cut from them.  They'd been put in a box, and were almost forgotten, until I switched my sewing room to the spare bedroom downstairs and they reappeared.  The pieces are big enough to get 2-10" squares cut from each of them, so I hope that it will make a decent size for a quilt.  I'm not sure what I'll use for the pinwheel border - I'll have to see what I can find in my fabric bins!  Here's a pic of some of the pinwheel blocks:
And, once again, I'm aiming to finish this quilt top before the 26th of the month - I hope to be successful this time!

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