Saturday, April 5, 2014

April's first blocks

Today is the first Saturday in April, and that means that it's time to reveal the new colour, and also my first blocks using that colour.  Angela has chosen purple for April, which is very appropriate seeing as Easter falls later this month, and purple can symbolize pain and suffering, but also royalty - all things connected to Jesus' death on the cross for us.
I started the month with my X and + blocks.  I didn't have any purple scraps, or maybe I just couldn't find them, so I ended up cutting up some fat quarters.  Some of my purple fabrics are quite dark, and they show up almost as black. Rest assured, they are purple!  Here are the first 2 blocks:
I even managed to find a few fabrics with bits of purple in them, to use for the light contrasts for the corner blocks!
I've also cut the purple strips for my Kickin' Stash blocks, but I've temporarily lost my white fabric for the balance of the blocks, so those blocks will show up later this month....  I need something to do next week!


  1. Great purple blocks. Hope the rest of your stash turns up soon. Things do get lost when moving

  2. Pretty blocks. Hope the purples have come out of hiding and are ready to play.