Saturday, May 17, 2014

A quick RSC post

I was almost ready to go to bed, and then I remembered that I didn't do my RSC post last week, and now I have only a few minutes to spare, so this will be a really short post.  The colour for this month is green, and I have a kazillion green scraps, so these blocks are really scrappy (although a few fabrics repeat)!  These are my 2 Kickin' Stash blocks (designed by Beth Helfter of Eva Paige Quilt Designs):
 I could probably do another 2 blocks using only lime-y greens, and another 2 with bright, grass green fabrics - I'll have to think about that before next week's post!
I'm off to bed now - good night!


  1. There are so many shades of green. Love the moss tones of these.

  2. Great looking blocks! Looks like we are using a similar pattern - mine is an offset log cabin.