Saturday, May 3, 2014

On my needles, and some RSC blocks...

I can't believe that it's already been a month since I last posted pics of my knitting progress!  I posted that I was hoping to be able to finish the sleeves of my sweater / shrug by month's end - and I don't think that I even picked up that project again until just 2 days ago.  NOT the way to finish this sweater before summer hits!
I have since put some inches onto the sleeves though - and I'm now at the first decrease stage.  I probably still have to knit another 7" or so, but that should be doable - maybe by mid-month?  At any rate, I'm linking up to Judy's site:
As well, with the beginning of a new month, the colour has changed for the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge, and Angela has chosen green for May!  I cut my 2 Japanese x and + blocks, and got them pieced together, so they get posted to Angela's site:
I don't have to repeat ANY fabrics for May's blocks - I have a HUGE scrap basket of every shade of green known to man!  (Please don't point out that I have repeated a few fabrics here - I love those fabrics and I just need to see them more than once!)  
That's it for today's works-in-progress - check in later this week for the next update.


  1. I think the Japanese x and + blocks are lovely, they seem to be really popular at the moment and I would love to make a quilt with these blocks.

  2. Those blocks are on my bucket list too. Yours look so good. What a great idea to use them for the colour challenge. Hmmmm.... I only have 3 monthly projects for that challenge......

  3. Good work on the shrug! It's going to be pretty.