Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Quilt UFO project list

I mentioned in my last post that I had forgotten to make, and post, my quilt UFO list, so I'm going to fix that right now.
Warning, this will be a fairly boring post!
 #1 Pink / brown log cabin swap blocks - needs a few blocks yet, and then assemble and quilt.
 #2 Scrappy rectangles leader / ender project - make enough blocks, assemble and quilt.
 #3 Moose on the Porch Quilts layer-cake-quilt-along - assemble top, quilt.
 #4 Black, white and red braid - it's cut out, sew the strips, assemble the top, quilt.
 #5 Amish Star swap blocks - maybe make another block or two, assemble, quilt
 #6 Dancing Plus '366 quilt blocks' challenge - I have enough for 2 or 3 tops - hope to at least                     assemble the tops - maybe even quilt one?
 #7 Dresden Plates - finish sewing plates to the blocks, sash and assemble top, quilt.
 #8 2 small 'chevron' quilts (baby and adult scrappy versions) - assemble tops and quilt.
 #9 Large scale floral 9-patch swap blocks - assemble the top, with sashing, quilt.
#10 Twist Quilt (found here) - cut B/G fabric, make and assemble blocks, quilt
#11 B/W 9-patch quilt (inspired by this quilt) - assemble blocks, top, then quilt
#12 Comma quilt - the pieces are cut, and a few are sewn up...!  Get this one finished!

Judy picked #3 for January, and you can see my completed quilt here. February's quilt is #9 - the large scale floral 9-patch blocks that Cathy  and I made and swapped in 2015.  Here's her completed quilt.

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