Saturday, March 15, 2014

National Quilting Day Mar. 15, 2014

I've just got a few minutes left in National Quilting Day to post my latest quilt top!
I've been wanting to do a "Plus Quilt" for a few months at least.  I've been scooping up charm packs when I find them on sale, and I finally got 5 matching charm packs from the "Snowman Gathering" line.  I laid the top out on my "design floor" (I don't have room for a design wall...), and this morning, I started pinning the rows together.  Every time I got 4 or 5 rows pinned together, I went to the sewing machine to piece them together.  Then I went back to the rows on the floor, pinned a few more, sewed those strips together, and repeated.  I finally got the last rows sewn together around 11:25.  I didn't want to take the time to press all the seams flat - my hubby was (im)patiently waiting to hold the quilt up while I took the pic, and he was ready to hit the hay.  (The time change may have been a week ago, but we're both still trying to catch up with the hour of sleep that we lost).
I'm sure you've been holding your breath, anxious to see my quilt top - so, here it is:
I have a bit of yardage of at least one of the cream-toned prints, and I may use it for a border, although most of the Plus Quilts don't have a border.  It just might pull all these fabrics together.  I'm thinking of adding a flange of one of the navy prints as well - but I'll leave that until Monday...


  1. I enjoyed looking at this one. It is on my seemingly endless bucket list to use up that also seemingly endless supply of 2 1/2 inch squares.

  2. This one is on my list, too. Looks great!