Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Some housekeeping....

We're 5 days into the new year, and I've already changed a few things up for this year.  I'm hoping to blog a bit more often, to share more "in the works" posts, and also to take part in some different challenges.
I've already mentioned that Melissa and Shanna have wrapped up the "A Lovely Year of Finishes" challenge. They kept a lot of crafters accountable, and I know that I accomplished more than I would have if it wasn't for their encouragement!  So first, I've got to post my finishes for this year - and here they are:
I worked on a number of other projects too - just didn't get around to finishing them up....  Maybe this year will see my Dresden plates actually appliqued onto their blocks so I can complete that one!
As well, my Disappearing 4-patch swap with Cathy is done - we'll be exchanging our final set of blocks on Friday, and then we'll see who gets their quilt done first!  (My guess is that it will be Cathy!)  She's drawn up a few really fantastic layouts, and I'm hoping to use one of them.
I've decided to join a few challenges - you may have noticed the buttons on my sidebar.  I did the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge two years ago, and decided not to do it last year, but I'm giving it another shot.  I've also seen a Quilty 365 button on a number of blogs, and checked it out - it sounds like a great idea, so I'm committing to do it this year as well.  You choose a fabric every day, and then make a block using it - at the end of the year, you'll have enough blocks to make (at least) one great memory quilt.  I'm not planning to share my block picks every day, but it will happen at least weekly.  I'll post the first bunch later this week.
I'm also going to try to be more deliberate about using my fabric scraps and sharing the way I use them.   Add in a few knitting and card-making updates too... That should keep me out of trouble!
I'm off to link up for the last time with  Melissa's wrap-up post!

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